Q. How long can I keep the scooter for?
A. You can choose from our 7,14,30, or 60 days rental packs and keep your scooter for the whole duration accordingly. Keeping your sanitised Bounce scooter for a longer period of time will give you the peace of mind and sense of security you deserve.
Q. Is there a limit to the distance I can travel on my scooter?
A. You can travel the number of kms specified in the pack of your choosing. We encourage you to go through the information for each pack & pick what suits your needs best.
Q. How do I know my scooter is safe?
A. All our scooters are thoroughly disinfected, washed, and sanitised before they ever reach your doorstep. We coat each scooter with a special Microbe Shield Surface Protector that ensures zero droplet contamination. We are leaving no stone unturned in providing you with the safety you deserve.
Q. What about my helmet?
A. Given the current uncertain times, we encourage all our customers to stay safe & wear their own personal helmets. We take each user’s safety very seriously and would like to do everything in our power to stop the spread of covid-19.
Q. Will fuel be included?
A. No, fuel is not included in our packs. 
Q. How will I get my scooter?
A. Your scooter will be home-delivered to you free of cost once you’ve passed on your full mailing address.
Q. How do I start the scooter?
A. The Bounce Hero delivering your scooter will explain all the details of how you can use your trusty scooter.
Q. How do I return my scooter when I’m done?
A. As the end of your rental period approaches, a Bounce Hero will get in touch with you and arrive at your location at a pre-decided time to pick up your scooter.
Q. Where can I ride my Bounce?
A. Due to these difficult times, we urge all our users to use their scooters only for essential needs, medical requirements, or when caring for the needs of an elderly or ailing loved one.