Relationships in Traffic.

In traffic, you are never really single. You are either over someone, or chasing someone, or there’s someone beside in your journey, you’re never single. 

It’s amazing how traffic has had its influence on our relationship statuses and yet there has been absolutely no mention about this in modern folklore. 

There are heartbreaks. Like when you were happy by yourself, riding off your jolly way, probably singing your favorite song, because you knew the helmet wouldn’t make your skills known to the public, and then there comes someone in your life. They are now next to you, riding parallelly. You think to yourself, could this person be the one. The song you were humming changes from Work Work Work to an Ed Sheeran love track. And just as you switched the track in your head, there changes another track. t You are now hung up. You now need a rebound, but you don’t find one. You’re going through a rough patch, both in your head and the on the road, potholes. But you know you’ll get over this soon. Probably by the next signal. And you do. You’re back to Work Work Work Work and then to actual work. 

There are those bitter ones as well. When you don’t get over the heartbreak and try to confront them, but the traffic won’t let you catch up and you are filled with fury. It’s not MG road any longer, it’s mad max fury road. You know you have got to vent it out. It probably will be the first colleague that bumps into you with coffee in their hand who was off to a pretty good morning. Not anymore, now there’s an unnecessary stinker on the way enroute Gmail, that’s later going to end in a team meeting coz your colleague’s stinker erupted a chain of angry emails. Trail mail just became trial mail, and you have no idea. 

Then there are the no-string-attached ones. The one-morning stands. The Riders With Benefits. You meet someone as you ride along, you go along for a while, stop at a signal, they take the left turn, you head right, you’re cool, they’re cool. It’s all good. Until you spot them again the next day and it happens again. And the day after that. And now one of you has developed feelings and has helped reduce the CO2 in the air, coz now Love is in the air. Who knew love could prevent pollution (if only startups like Bounce Scooter Rentals knew Love could replace electric vehicles). This time instead of your right turn, you take the left turn. And that’s it, you scared them off. That’s the last morning you saw them. Never again. After all, it is true what they say about FWBs – one of them messes it up. Now you’re back to swiping left and swiping right.

And there are the ones that end in divorce. They came along, you came along, happily riding along, it’s all sunshine, birds chirping, vehicles honking, before one of you decides to cheat on the other because you saw an attractive empty space ahead and decided to leave behind the other and wiggle your way into the empty space, coz they saw the signal had 4 seconds on it and this way, they would escape it. Greed has taken over. So, they decide to maneuver into the empty space ahead and end up crashing into your vehicle. You get up, dust yourself only to find a big dent on your vehicle, but worse, there’s one on your heart as well. And now it’s time to part.

We are so busy adulting and caught up with our own lives that we miss out on these beautiful love stories that happen around us, in traffic. Traffic might have taken a lot from us, but it does give back, albeit in its own way. 

It will make sure you’re never single. 

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