The Midnight Shawarma Story

The dinner is on the table. You have been summoned to join the table, although you just belted a bag full of fries and a bowl of chicken nuggets that ordered off an app, because nobody saw you do that. So, you are now at the table, as you muster the courage to tell your folks you aren’t hungry, with an excuse as a virtual PFA, which will be caught even before you have said it. So now they know. You know they know. They know you know that they know. And now it’s all awkward. What you’re to do next is about to take the awkwardness to the next level, because you saw the spread on the table is elaborate, looks super fancy, and you know you have to post it on the Gram, so your pull your phone out and rise up like a drone, lean forward and click CLICK CLICK CLICK. You look at the pictures, and yes you’ve got it. And now you leave. Of course politely.

You hit that post button and about 40 phones in different parts of the world buzz with notifications. They see. You see that they saw. They liked. You see that they liked. That’s dinner done right! Or is it? Because now it’s about 11:40 PM now and you’re rethinking your life choices. Well not really all of them but the one you made at the dinner table, coz you’re now hungry as hell. You head to the fridge. For a change, there is some food, but it’s way too healthy. You wouldn’t want to risk it. Now you’re thinking. Thinking. You could order, but you’re way too hungry to wait. You want to head there yourself and devour that shawarma from that corner place in your neighborhood. Oh, the Shawarma! That’s it, you’ve got to go now. You pull out your phone, book one of those cool scooters from that app lets you pick and drop your ride where you need to. You sneak out of the house, hop on the scooter and you’re on your way.

Midway you realize would be cool to have someone with you to eat. You ring up your friend who also instagrammed a fancy dinner picture around the same time you did. He thanks his stars you called, because of course he was super hungry as well. So now the two of you are headed straight to that shawarma place. There’s no stopping, come what may. You reach the spot. As that shawarma grill swirls in all its glory, you order two, and wait at the table by the curb on the road.

Then arrives your shawarma on that red plastic plate, rolled in a paper, which no matter how much you try not to, you will bite into at some point of the devouring. The shawarma is there, you are hungry, the time is right, and that’s it, it’s time. You reach out for it, in slow motion, your hands are headed towards it, your reach it, open it…..aaaaaaaaaand CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. Yes they headed to the phone first.

I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to Instagram it first, it’s shawarma!

So now without further ado, you eat your shawarma. You are happy. Life is good.

Wait a minute! While all this happened, you did thank your stars somewhere in the process, but you missed out on something that really made this possible.

The Internet. How else would you share the picture of your fancy meal (which you didn’t have) with your friends! How else would you find that scooter from that app without which you would never have gotten out of the house! How else would pick your friend up to share the joy of devouring that shawarma. How else would you be sharing this blog with people to
tell you about your midnight escapade!

Thank you, Internet for making sharing easy!

#SharingIsSlaying #InternetDay

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