Hyderabad Metro charges vs. Cab fare vs. Self-drive bike: Most affordable option

Hyderabad is among the most important urban economies in the country. As per the 2011 census of India, Hyderabad ranks fourth among the most populous cities in India. With such a high population, it is not surprising that a variety of travel options are available for the intracity commute. Unfortunately, multiple options often come with a lot of confusion as to which is the best option to travel within the city. As an urban commuter in Hyderabad, you can choose between travelling by metro, cabs or self-drive bikes. Each have separate costs and advantages. You can choose to pay daily Hyderabad metro charges, cab fares or rent a scooter. 

Read on to find out which is the best way to travel among Hyderabad metro, cabs and self-drive bikes.

Hyderabad Metro: The shiny new public transport

The public transport in Hyderabad is fairly well-developed with multiple options such as the TSRTC buses and the local train system popularly known as MMTS. However, the game changer in public transport came in the form of Hyderabad Metro Rail. It is a fairly new travel option, having commenced operations in November 2017. Nevertheless, in its limited service period of less than 3 years, Hyderabad Metro has attracted a huge number of people. As of February 2020, Hyderabad Metro was being used by a whopping 4,90,000 people per day. Running across 3 routes, the metro service covers most of the important parts in the city.

Hyderabad metro charges are largely comparable to the AC buses, sometimes even cheaper. Metro charges in Hyderabad currently range between the minimum fare of Rs.10 and the maximum Hyderabad metro pass cost of Rs.60. Although there have been some complaints about the Hyderabad metro charges being expensive, benefits such as quick travel and freedom from traffic have certainly enticed the people of the city. Especially since the MMTS service is often regarded as insufficient and unreliable, the slightly higher metro charges in Hyderabad have had little or no bearing on the popularity of the service.

Like all other metro services in the country, Hyderabad metro charges are lower for smart-card holders. Regular users of the metro service may opt to purchase a smart-card which enables them to get a discount of 10% on every travel. This smart-card also saves time for the users as they are not required to buy a ticket each time. Apart from a fixed discount of 10% on the Hyderabad metro fares, the cardholders also get additional benefits such as cash-back from private companies such as PayTM and the like.

Metro is a great way to travel in Hyderabad for its convenience, security and speed. However, you may find the metro fares in Hyderabad to be expensive, especially in comparison to the regular buses or the MMTS.

Cabs: Reliability combined with Convenience

Taxis are not new to Hyderabad. People in Hyderabad have been familiar with the traditional taxi service for a long time. However, the internet revolution brought about a major change in the perception of the cab service in the city. The introduction of internet-enabled on-demand cab services brought the people of Hyderabad closer to reliable and convenient travelling.

Although hailed as a great addition to the transport options in the city, the cab fares are generally unpredictable. The cab fares displayed in the app are arrived at using obscure algorithms and complex calculations. The cab fares vary based on several factors including the type of vehicle, distance of the travel, duration of the travel, taxes, tolls and more. Arriving at an average cab fare is unlikely because of these factors. Nonetheless, we can safely say that in comparison to the Hyderabad Metro fares, cabs are highly expensive. A 5 km ride in a cab would generally cost you close to Rs.100 during busy hours. A longer ride of 30 km may end up costing you upwards of Rs.400.

Despite the benefit of anytime-anywhere cabs, the metro service remains more cost-effective owing to the reasonable Hyderabad metro fares. The higher costs have not prevented the people from accepting cabs as a convenient means of transport.

Self-drive bikes: The new smart way to travel

The latest addition to the many options to travel is the self-drive rental bikes. The idea of self-drive bikes as a commute option is fresh to Hyderabad. Notwithstanding, they are on their way to becoming the next big thing in the intracity travel industry. This service is significantly cheaper than the Hyderabad metro charges and cab fares, particularly for short distances.

Bounce, a leading self-drive bike service provider in the city, offers self-drive bikes at prices below Rs.10 per km. Bounce offers dockless scooters which enable commuters to find a vehicle at their nearby locations at any time. You can simply pick up a scooter from your nearest location, travel to your destination and park the vehicle in a safe parking spot. The booking and the payment can be made online and hence, you are spared of the hassles of waiting times, surge pricing. In addition to this, Bounce also offers attractive discounts, coupons and cashback on fuel receipts. You can also opt for long-term bike rentals so that you can enjoy freedom from public transport without having to buy your own bike.

The absolute convenience offered by self-drive bikes, coupled with the highly reasonable pricing have made it an irresistible option in many cities. Although these services are only a few months old in Hyderabad, it’s certain to become popular with thrifty millennial commuters.

Our last word

Transport systems change with changing times. Hyderabad has borne witness to phenomenal changes in the way people travel within the city. The Hyderabad Metro has undeniable advantages. However, it does not serve all purposes. Cabs suffer from a similar issue as they offer convenience but at a significantly higher cost. Self-drive bikes are here to stay and to change the way people get around in cities. They are not only financially more viable but also are unbelievably convenient and hence are the best way to travel. 

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