Ampere electric bike price: Buying vs Renting

Travelling by bikes is the favourite way to travel for Indians. Particularly in urban areas with high traffic, bikes are the only hope to get anywhere conveniently and quickly. Bikes are easy to ride, simple to maintain and a blessing while traversing through heavy traffic. The fact that two-wheeler sales nearly doubled to 21 million units in 2019 from 11.77 million units in 2011 is proof of the craze for bikes in India. Unfortunately, the steep increase in the number of bikes also means an unfathomable rise in the pollution levels. The problem is at its worst in metropolitan cities. The introduction of electric vehicles has given us the hope to tackle the pollution problem. Electric bikes (popularly known as e-bikes) are garnering substantial appreciation from bikers and rightly so.

Electric bikes: Guilt-free convenience

E-bikes are the latest sensation among the large variety of electric vehicles. Electric bikes are being hailed as the need of the hour in recent years as they are significantly more environment-friendly in comparison to their gas-powered counterparts. Several households in urban areas are showing more and more interest towards the e-bikes and hence, the demand for electric bikes has been consistently rising. With consistent R&D and technological advancements, electric bikes are being made faster and more stylish to attract the younger demographic. A prime example of this trend can be seen with the popularity of the Ampere electric scooter in Bangalore.

Electric bikes run on batteries and usually take between 6 hours and 8 hours for a full charge. They offer a range of about 60 km to 80 km for each charge. They are often low on maintenance and the only significant expense you might incur is the battery replacement cost. Therefore, in addition to being environment-friendly, e-bikes may also be pocket-friendly!

E-bikes have been around in India since the late 2000s. Over the past decade, many leading automobile manufacturers have launched hybrid bikes and electric bikes. Ampere Vehicles has been a popular manufacturer of e-bikes in India. Ampere offers a wide range of electric bikes and the Ampere e bike price range is suited for various needs and preferences.

What is Ampere vehicles’ price range?

While these bikes are undeniably convenient, the Ampere electric bike prices may be slightly on the higher end. Let us take a look at the ampere electric bike price list. (The actual values of the on-road Ampere electric bike prices may be different for different cities. Following is only a general range of the Ampere e bike prices.)

Ampere vehicles’ prices have a wide range. The V-series models are available at slightly above Rs.30,000. The Reo series vehicles which include the Reo, Reo Elite and Reo Plus models cost anywhere between Rs.40,000 and Rs.60000. The model with the highest figure on the Ampere electric bike price list is the Magnus. The Magnus-60 model costs around Rs.50,000. The high-end model from Ampere, the Magnus Plus costs upwards of Rs.70,000.

Although the numbers look steep, Ampere electric bike prices are comparable to the mid-range petrol or diesel bikes. At a similar price, e-bikes are certainly preferable to traditional vehicles. The Ampere electric scooter in Bangalore is one of the more preferred means of transport.

Renting electric bikes: Tomorrow’s transportation today!

Self-drive rental bikes are the all-new smart way to commute. Bounce, the popular bike-rental company offers a variety of self-drive bikes at highly competitive prices. The company has essentially changed the way people commute within cities. Bounce also deserves praise for its environment-consciousness. The young company has recently introduced a large number of electric bikes to its fleet and intends to make at least of its fleet electric soon. In the long-term, the entire Bounce fleet may be electric!

Self-drive electric bikes are available for short trips around the city. Commuters can book their bike through an app and pick up the vehicle from their nearby location. Once they reach their destination, they can simply park the vehicle in a safe parking area and end their trip. The payment too can be made online and hence, the entire process is convenient and hassle-free. The bikes also come with swappable batteries which comes in handy in the event of the battery running out. Self-drive e-bikes are available for daily rides at unbelievable prices starting at Rs.6 per km. With such low prices, e-bike rentals are bound to become the preferred way to commute in the next few years.

In conclusion

Bikes have become a necessity for regular commuters in cities. Particularly when public transport cannot be relied upon, bikes become an increasingly important need for students and working professionals alike. However, owning a bike may not be financially feasible for a large group of people from middle-class households. The constantly rising number of vehicles, the ever-growing traffic and staggering pollution levels further discourage people from purchasing vehicles. Electric vehicles are a great option in terms of being environment-conscious. However, these e-bikes come with extremely high initial investments. Renting self-drive bikes for short trips around the city has come to be a popular way to travel within cities. Service providers are offering electric bikes for rent which enable city-dwellers to use bikes at their convenience at affordable rates while remaining conscious of the environment. Such offerings have come as a ray of hope to solve the problems of traffic congestion and pollution in our cities.

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