No strings attached- why millennials can’t get enough of Bounce!

Millennials love two things: minimalism & a lifestyle that doesn’t weigh them down. In the past ownership and consumerism were looked at as treats only financially successful could partake in. Today, most 20 and 30-somethings look at them as heavy anchors that kill their free-spiritedness. 

For the generations before them, rent was looked at as sunk cost. But millennials are more than happy to live on gig-based careers and rent pretty much anything from furniture, to household appliances, to transportation. 

Bounce scooters are an ideal match for this “no strings attached” attitude. With its booking process being entirely online, easy to find and drop off scooters, and reasonable price points, Bounce is ideal for the urban youth of today. 

Internet Savvy

According to research, there are 313 million monthly active Twitter users, of which 61% are millennials. 

Entertainment value is one of the big draws that brings millennials to social media. The generation is highly attached to technology and often turn to their mobile devices to cure boredom by watching videos, reading funny posts, and sharing GIFs, and show the world what they are passionate about by posting their opinions on current events or political issues. By definition, this generation is redefining downtime, and rather than long weekends and after-work gatherings, they are turning to shorter bursts of online entertainment, dubbed “micro-leisure.”  This keeps them in touch, yet still allows them to keep up with their busy, on-the-move lifestyles.

But these young consumers also love paying off bills, making purchases, and making booking for services such as Bounce scooters through apps.

That being said, the Bounce app has been designed so that a person of any age or technology skill level to book rides. But to millennials booking anything through their phones has become second nature. 

Zero muss, zero fuss!

From homes, to holiday stays, to daily commute. Millennials prefer renting or leasing rather than owning. This ‘go as you please’ attitude really works for them as it doesn’t tie them down to a lifestyle they may later change their mind about. The generation before them, Gen Y, was all about staying rooted and secure. But this generation wants little of that. 

Young people prefer Bounce because they don’t have to pay the scooters’ maintenance or generally invest time and energy into making sure they work fine. The fact that they get a ready-made, perfectly functioning scooter at their disposal to use as and when they please with none of the “work” attached is exactly what they need.

Perfect price points

Today’s working youth is very clear in terms of where they want to save and where they want to spend their hard earned money. But at the same time, they want to make sure that their daily spends, especially on repetitive costs like commute, fit within their budgets.

Once again, with Bounce’s inexpensive rates and frequent offers and discounts, the two are a match maid in heaven. Bounce scooters are reliable, quick, & affordable- a combination that really appeals to this generation.


As per Deloitte’s 2019 Global Automotive Consumer Study, consumers in India feel empowered trusting the power of digital solutions that make their commute safer.

It also said 76 percent of respondents in India were in favour of connected vehicles with 84 per cent feeling that connected vehicles will be beneficial in providing suggestions regarding safer routes along with updates to improve road safety and prevent potential collisions.

One of the biggest reasons they prefer shared-mobility is because it helps keep global warming at bay. Using shared self-ride scooters goes a long way in reducing privately owned vehicles that further congest and pollute our cities. And millennials are all about supporting businesses like Bounce that help reduce carbon emissions. 

With India is at the cusp of digital transformation as we see a whole new way of engagement, interactivity and consumption pattern, the future is truly going to be driven by mobile connectivity and digital power and studies conclude that there will be a huge uptick in the amount of users who trust and use shared-mobility. 

So here’s to a greener, cleaner planet and to  all the millennials who are helping us make this dream a reality.


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