Bounce: the most pocket-friendly option in town!

Daily commute is an essential part of all our lives. The average Bangalorean spends upto Rs.3,000 on getting around the city. Daily commute is an essential and sometimes time-consuming part of our lives. But many of us look forward to it if a transport service goes that extra mile to look after us in our everyday lives without burning a hole in our pockets. This week, we take a closer look at pocket-friendly options and which ones suit the need of the hour best.

Chasing the best deals.

Bounce hits the trifecta: convenience, comfort, and price.

According to our research, our customers look for three major things while choosing their ideal mode of commute: convenience, comfort, and affordability. While most people are willing to make adjustments when it comes to the first two factors, affordability is a factor people don’t wish to compromise on. 

Keeping this in mind, several daily commute services try to keep their prices as competitive as possible. And consumers are free to choose a service that fits their needs. But in a mid-covid world, choosing the ideal travel service isn’t as easy as just that.

Now, one has to keep another factor in mind, one that is possibly the most important of them all: safety. With Covid-19 disrupting everyday life the way it has, everyone is looking for a travel option that provides them with maximum safety. 

Safety vs. Affordability: why not both?

In these troubling times, most of us feel obliged to pick between safety and affordability. Because while solo travel is encouraged, not everyone owns a private vehicle. And with the economy opening up slightly, people need to head out for work or simply to get essentials. And people are confused about which option is best while considering both social distancing and their wallets.

One popular option is that of private cabs and taxis, but the issue with them is that while they can be fairly good for social distancing, they are inordinately expensive compared to public transport. This brings us to the next issue which is that even though public transport is the most affordable option, it is also a risky one keeping Covid-19 regulations in mind. Moreover, the fact that public transport will be running at 50% of its capacity means that not that many people will get to enjoy its cost and convenience benefits. 

Price Comparison: Savings with other options vs. Bounce. Please note: All prices are approximate values and should be considered as such. 

Choose Bounce. Put your savings to better use!

This is where a new option comes in: self-drive scooters. Bounce scooters are contactless, easy to find, and a natural way to maintain social distance when on the move. No matter the time or place, Bounce rides are always cost-effective while delivering maximum safety. 

Fun ways to spend your savings: 

Movies, shopping, or books! Check out some fun ways to splurge with Bounce savings!

People opt Bounce because not only does it keep them safe it also helps them save money that they can spend on other things that improve their quality of life. While never having to compromise on affordability or safety at any point. The self-drive scooter model is the future of mobility and Bounce scooters make it accessible for people from all walks of life to enjoy freedom and reasonable rates. Now people can  spend their hard earned money on a variety of things that bring them joy and help them live life to the fullest. Choose the right to affordable mobility. Choose Bounce. Make the #SafeMove.

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