An Open Letter from our CEO

Dear Bounce riders and our extended family,

Like you, I know what it is like to be restless. I can safely say that our whole organization does. In our short history at Bounce, we’ve seen many significant moments, but perhaps none other has been this important to our collective future.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to predict how things will look in the next few months. The uncertainty of not knowing when we might be able to go out, meet loved ones or go back to what we saw as normal life can be worrying, it most certainly has been for me.

In the midst of all this, there is one thing that’s unchanged – our resolve to help you to move safely. I have been talking to our customers and other travellers and have seen that they all have a common fear: about getting places on a daily basis without risking their health. It would seem that ‘open’ modes of transportation where human contact is limited & travellers need not share a confined space, are the safest options going forward.

While Bounce scooters check most of these boxes, nevertheless, we dug deep to find the best way to guarantee your safety despite the limited options that are out there. Our research lead us to a number of different solutions, allow me to take you through some of these:

  • Scooter Sanitization: We devoted our time to finding a way to sanitise the vehicles for the long term – so that no matter who rides it, the scooter remains uncompromisingly safe for them and the next person. So we are working with an antimicrobial coating that can protect surfaces from droplet-based bacterias & viruses for upto 3 months. Through rigorous testing, we have found that it has a 99.9% microbial reduction rate when applied to any surface. We’ve decided that every Bounce scooter will be thoroughly sprayed with this solution before it reaches you. We’re also training our staff on Government & MHA approved guidelines to maintain hygiene & safety.
  • New Rental Plans: On observing the challenges with daily commutes during and after the lockdown, due to the perceived risks of mass transportation networks, we launched Long-Term Rentals. These affordable plans will come to the aid of those who need a ride for everyday commute: since users can keep a Bounce scooter for as long as 60 days. Our latest offering, Bounce A, is a subscription-based service to give people the freedom of owning a scooter for upto 2 years without the hassle of a Bank EMI, Registrations, Road Tax etc.
  • Community Initiatives: We were also immensely moved by the dedication of essential service providers who were battling the pandemic on the frontline. However, we realised that they might not always have a reliable means of transportation. Enter ScooterHero. A platform where anyone can pledge their idle two-wheeler for the use of the frontline workers, battling the crisis everyday. We have also dispatched about 1000 Bounce scooters to various Government authorities across the country

Through all of this, your feedback is crucial in helping us understand how we can do better for your essential commute. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts & concerns at

When you do ride with us, I request that you bring your personal helmet & wash your hands before and after the ride. Continue to adhere to Government and Public Health advisories, it’s what’s best for your safety.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your incredible spirit, resilience & trust in us at a time like this. We’re always working towards being worthy of it.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Looking forward to Bouncing back with you.

Vivekananda H R
CEO, Bounce

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter from our CEO

  1. Hi Mr.Vivekananda, at such a crucial time an inspiring move such as this will not just help people commute but also raise the morale of learning to survive and lead a life with this Virus. I’m also touched by the very idea of you wanting to take action and keep the game on. I’m sure this will ignite a lot of businessmen. Thanks for inspiring. Keep it on, I have used your services and have liked it very much.
    These times can be; quite chaotic for a lot of people who lead teams and run organizations. If you’d like to have your team motivated and keep them together let me know, I’d like to extend my mission of motivating people and inspiring them at such difficult times.

  2. As I’m daily user of bounce.. bounce really helped me from past 6 months.
    I expect bounce should be back with few more proctetion with same unique idea..
    Is it possible to get bounce per ride.

  3. Hi, I can across a google sheet where in there were details about you selling a bunch of your old cycles for INR 900/- and my fiance filled it out and submitted it. How will we know if we have chance? How is this going to work out because I’m super keen to have one!

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