Was it a bird? Was it a plane? NO! It’s Bounce. Back with a BANG!

Across the city, from Whitefield to Koramangala, organizations reported a sudden plunge in productivity as employees took to Twitter to report strange, jarring noises being heard from the sky. The ‘BOOM’ heard across Bengaluru led people to abandon all previous precautions and speculate endlessly about where it may have come from. Now, new details have emerged explaining the thunderous noise heard from the skies.

Sources have said that the loud ‘BOOM’ was, in fact, the sound of 500 Bounce Scooters hitting the road once again in the city of Hyderabad. While Bounce has resumed its operations in Bengaluru, it would seem that the reentry of the scooters in Hyderabad was heard 600 km away. We hope that this information puts all other rumours, including ones about Thor landing at Vidhana Soudha & earthquakes caused by shortage of Masala Dosa, to rest. Those wanting to investigate this strange phenomena on their own may use a Bounce scooter to do so .
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