Changing the landscape of Indian economy – #VocalForLocal

How do you define ‘vision?’ Is it the foresight to see things clearer than others or the ability to plan for the future better than others? Implementing a vision involves laying out a blueprint after carefully assessing the risks and rewards in the current and future scenarios. Then, creating a list of goals to accomplish it. On the 12th of May 2020, PM Modi addressed the nation on a wide range of issues from the lockdown to public welfare to resurrecting the Indian economy. One particular announcement garnered much attention and brought positive sentiment back to India Inc. after a lull economic situation owing to COVID-19 and other global factors. The message was loud and clear, ‘be vocal for local’. Be the change your country needs and push for ‘Make in India’ products.

Strengthening the roots of Indian economy by empowering local players

The New Mantra – Make in India
Since our Independence, we have been heavily reliant on foreign players to meet our requirements. Through #VocalForLocal, the Government is pushing for more onus on local manufacturing and supply chain. Bringing ‘Swadeshi’ back in fashion by advocating the public to prefer to buy local goods over foreign.‘Think local, buy local, sell local’. This was attributed to reigniting a sense of pride in our manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.

Ease of doing business, Fast track clearances & Immense growth opportunities  – New India

Reviving local industries, passing welfare benefits to the public, and creating an infrastructure of self-reliance thus enabling job creation.
It works on all counts because it brings our local players and distributors back in the game. More production will enable more consumption and subsequently more demand. India can go global by being vocal for local. It’s a smart move considering COVID-19 has put the brakes on all micro & macro level plans.

Desi Pride 
But ‘Make in India’ is not an alien term. Countless Indian companies have taken their local products and services globally. Popularly coined as ‘Glocal’. From automobiles to spices to dairy to steel to many more. Some of these pioneers include The Tata Group, Amul, Godrej Industries, Infosys, Parle, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Industries Limited, JSW Steel, Bajaj Auto, and hundreds more. These stalwarts invoked a sense of pride in us while opting for ‘Make in India’ products. They are a testament to ‘Make in India’s’ revolutionary success.

Putting India on the Global map – Bounce scooters 
Bounce scooters’ story is a prime example of taking a leaf out of the Make in India playbook. Our journey has seen the best of both worlds. What started as ‘Wicked Ride’, a premium bike rental platform, soon moved to keyless, two-wheeler rentals. After a slow start, we picked up the pace. But it was our business model and the number of people using our scooters to commute every day that made the world take notice. After months of toil, investors finally took notice of the promise that Bounce had to offer. A homegrown company that attracted eyeballs from investors across the globe. It had the vision to change the landscape of mobility in India and it most certainly did. Valued a little over $450 million, Bounce is today the world’s largest scooter sharing platform. ‘Made in India’ – By Indians & For Indians.

Bounce – Born & Bred Indian

A vision & mission to make a self-reliant India
Our story along with several others’ is a testament to the fact that homegrown companies can take the world by storm. Our vision was clear too. Making mobility accessible to everyone in India. Reliably – Affordably – Conveniently. But the most important part of our trajectory has been empowering others. By creating a sustainable infrastructure that would not only give people a  feeling of ownership but also easy accessibility and within their means. Empowering decisions benefit all. From the local vendors to SME’s to desi start-ups. There has to be an ecosystem where local players have as much an advantage as foreign entities. Because for a nation to stand tall, everyone has to rise up and not a few. Buy local to make this happen.

#VocalForLocal is an inclusive process rather than an exclusive one because it provides the liberty to every local industry producer, distributor, and manufacturer to participate and yield. The #VocalForLocal movement strongly believes that such measures will only help India become more self-reliant and revive its economy by encouraging people to buy ‘Make in India’ products. We also hope that after seeing how homegrown companies have set global benchmarks with their products and offerings, we can all be vocal in our pursuit to go local, whether it’s using bikes made in India or shopping from local businesses. 

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