Taking Scooter safety to the next level – Our sanitization drive

After nearly two months in the abyss, we will now be able to step-out, gradually if not in full-flow. The government has relaxed the anti-lockdown measures in zones that have seen considerable improvement so that we can slowly return to normal life. So, where does that leave us? Raring to go, vying to move again. But it’s best we do by acknowledging the elephant in the room, COVID-19. The commute we choose is going to play a major role in ensuring our safety against the virus. But most importantly, it’s the hygiene of the commute we choose. And, to help you get back to normal life, we’re sanitizing our bikes with a globally tested technology.

Taking the virus to task
Viruses have the tendency to spread via human to human transmission or through surface contact where they thrive like wood, PVC, later, plastic, and air. They are mobile, just like us. But things are different when a potent disinfectant is used. One, which forms a solid shield and prevents the virus from further expanding its reach. To ensure our scooter’s safety, we have enlisted a disinfectant that will keep it virus-free.

We’re sanitizing the surface of every bike to keep it virus-free

Unleashing our SHIELD
‘Germ Shield’ is an antimicrobial solution that has proven effective against droplet viruses. It uses the globally tested technology that forms an anti-microbial coating on the surface it is sprayed on, giving 99.9% germ kill protection. This technology protects surfaces from harmful microbes and inhibits any microbial growth, polymerizes (bonds) to surfaces resulting in a strong, durable, invisible, and effective barrier with a long history of safe use. Its durability ensures that it remains effective even after multiple washes. Solid all-round protection for up to 2-3 months can be achieved with the help of this antimicrobial coating. Post the application of this solution, the vehicle is certified and the certificate is pasted on the vehicle. Users can access the technical and application details by scanning QR code and can stay assured of their safety.

With a globally tested antimicrobial solution, rider safety will surely improve

Protecting those who protect us! 
It’s known to one & all that it’s the frontline workers who are working in the most vulnerable conditions in the fight against COVID-19. They are at risk all the time. But those who are fighting an even bigger battle are our police personnel.

Doing our bit for those who have always shielded us

They have tirelessly protected us throughout the lockdown but as they are out in the field, they are in close proximity to being infected with COVID-19. So, to secure their safety, we decided to disinfect and sanitize police bikes in Bengaluru & Hyderabad using this globally tested ‘antimicrobial solution’. This solution sanitizes the surface and kills more than 99.9% germs thus shielding the bikes for a period of 3 months. On our gesture, Isha Pant, DCP Command Center, Bangalore city, said, “The Police are most exposed under vulnerable conditions as they frontline the battle against COVID-19. We are happy to work with Bounce, which has taken up the initiative to ensure the sanitization of our vehicles. With this step, we can protect the health of our staff as they try to contain the pandemic with their untiring efforts.”

Safety begins at home
To begin with, we are educating our Bounce Heroes with the necessary safety guidelines. Like, wearing a mask at all times and using gloves when servicing a Bounce scooter. We also do regular temperature and COVID-19 symptom checks ask them to report any symptoms. Also, every Bounce Hero has the Aarogya Setu App installed so that they can receive alerts if they’ve crossed paths with an infected person. Most importantly, we train them on how to meticulously disinfect and sanitize our scooters. Because it involves them at the forefront and you. We want to mitigate every risk possible.

You are your best protector!

While the WHO and Government (both state & central) are doing their best to protect us by sharing safety guidelines, we can be our own saviors too. Starting with wearing a mask whenever we step outside. Carrying our own helmet and not sharing one for better hygiene. Washing our hands before and after every ride. Most importantly, continuing with social distancing by choosing a commute option that has minimal human intervention. 

We are aware that you won’t step out unless you have an emergency or need essentials, but we have your needs covered. Your safety sits at the top of our list. We are together in this and are doing everything possible to make your commute convenient and safe for you.

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