Introducing Bounce ScooterHero – Using citizens’ vehicles for frontline workers

The ‘new normal’, life under COVID-19 has been challenging in more ways than one. For starters, we have been confined indoors and have to maintain social distancing but what has really crippled us in this hour of need is a lack of choice, a recourse, an option to commute. Public transportation services have been rolled back. Mobility options are limited. But we aren’t the only ones bearing the brunt. The ones severely impacted are the real-life warriors, the COVID-19 heroes who are out in the field delivering essential services, like civic authorities professionals, health-care workers, and others. The lack of mobility options pose a great challenge for them to meet the requirements of people. But every crisis is an opportunity to come back stronger and help the people at large. This is precisely what we are trying to achieve.

Bouncing to our warriors’ aid in these times

Laying the foundation
It was no secret that the lockdown had limited the availability of essential services and also slowed the frontline workers in their tracks. A fact that was also observed by our founders. And, an interesting observation came their way.  People’s two-wheelers were sitting idle during the lockdown and there had to be a way to put them to better use. That’s where the idea of ‘ScooterHeroes’ came from, where people could enlist their idle two-wheelers to be used by frontline workers. This way, Bounce users could rise to the occasion and make a difference. Being one of India’s largest ride-sharing services, we at Bounce had the means, the network, and the resources at hand to make it possible. And, we did!

Making it happen
To get the ball rolling, we knew we had to drive people at one common stop where they could help. All a user has to do is log on to and enlist their idle two-wheelers to be used by the frontline workers. People who signed up for this service had two options. Either give the vehicle for free as a gesture of goodwill or charge a nominal fee, starting Rs. 80 a day. This has been a game-changer especially for the economically weaker sections of society as very few of them still had running incomes or had their savings nearly exhausted. Renting their idle bikes for a nominal rent will keep them going and ensure a constant course of running income. Accessibility and convenience, both boxes ticked. Through all our communication channels, we invite our users, stakeholders, and the general public to contribute to this noble cause. An official statement shared by our company said, “With this step, Bounce aims to make more mobility options available to these warriors who are helping us navigate through this difficult time”.

ScooterHero – Winning Hearts
If ‘roti, kapda aur makaan’ weren’t enough, we can add mobility to complete people’s essential checklist. With Bounce ScooterHero, we want to enable all those on the frontline, who don’t have an available mobility option. We know we could play a critical role in coming to a frontline worker’s aid. It has been an initiative that has caught eye-balls across social media and industry titans.

Twitter is abuzz with Bounce ScooterHero’s reach and impact
Not only the venture but also our founders have been applauded for their quick thinking

With Bounce ScooterHero, our endeavor remains the same, to make mobility accessible even during times of despair. And, with it creating a positive impact that binds us together as a community. You too can contribute towards the cause. Visit for more information. 

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