Bounce introduces long-term bike rentals!

With the national lockdown possibly coming to an end many of us find ourselves wondering when life will get back to “normal”. While a pre-coronavirus life may be a ways away, some everyday activities, like businesses or shops opening up again, may begin to surface. But even if the lockdown ends, our vigilance in terms of making health our priority shouldn’t. So how do we, as citizens of the world, plan to walk the tightrope of staying in for our health and stepping out to conduct important business? 

Habits to continue even after lockdown lifts

For starters, we should use our new freedom responsibly by continuing to do things like regularly washing our hands, avoiding crowds, maintaining a 6-feet distance from any other individual, and not jumping at the first chance to attend social events. Instead, we should focus on unavoidable, crucial activities like grocery shopping, medical check-ups, visiting an ailing loved one, or any other necessary form of travel.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure they’re clean.

Of course, this too is easier said than done as most modes of transport, public & private, will see limited availability for the upcoming future. Not only that, most ride sharing services or even public transport may lead to people sharing spaces for long stretches of time.

Our Long-term Bike Rental Solution

At Bounce we recognised this issue and spent a few weeks brainstorming for a solution. We wanted all our users to feel safe and secure when they step out of their homes. We also wanted a way for health-care and other brave essential workers to be able be commute safely. Being in awe of their heroism and kindness, we wanted to ensure that they could go on saving lives without putting their own in jeopardy.

That’s when we created our Long Term Rental Packs. We realised that if users could keep their scooters with them for long periods, they would not only feel safer but also secure about having immediate access to the outside world whenever they wanted. After careful consideration, we designed packs that would take care of every user’s needs.

Stay safe & use your scooter for essential travel.

Available in 7, 14, 30 & 60 day packs, our long-term scooters act like personal vehicles owned by an individual for their chosen period of time. This way our users never need to book daily rides, venture out and locate an available mode of transport, or rely on others to lend them their vehicles. We wanted to offer our users a safety net, something to hold onto during these uncertain and upsetting times. And our rental packs give them just that-the convenience of owning their own scooter without bearing the brunt of the exorbitant costs that come with purchasing their own vehicle.

Safety First

All scooters are rigorously scrubbed down, disinfected, and sanitised before they reach our users. And Bounce heroes who work with our scooters wear masks, touch the scooters only when necessary, and wash their hands and sanitise through the day before delivering each scooter.

Our heroes always wear protective gear such as masks and gloves when handling scooters.

So if you’re looking for a safe, easy, and affordable way to go about your necessary commute, call 080-46897585 and book yourself a Bounce long term scooter today!

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