Cometh the hour, cometh the man – The rise of a Hero during COVID-19

“Discover the joy of living and you will discover the reason for living” – Mark Victor Hansen

There comes a time when we start looking beyond the template of our lives. The routine, the over-indulgence, the things we must-have. What were once the pre-requisites, now look mundane. But have we ever wondered why? Sometimes we brush our lives with a trigger, a life-changing anecdote that questions the very way we approach our existence, our being. While most of us show intent at going out of our way and lending a helping hand, there are some who actually do.

There is more happiness in giving than receiving

When dreams reach destinations
Meet Gaurav Gowda, a regular Bounce user and an engineering student who harnessed his time and resources to benefit those impacted by COVID-19.

Gaurav’s story once again confirms, ‘if you want the change, be the change’

It had only been a couple of months since Gaurav moved to Bengaluru. Coming from a simple household and from the quiet interiors of Andhra Pradesh, Gaurav was visibly excited for this new journey. And, why wouldn’t he be? Bengaluru, like other premier metro cities in India, had it all. Lucrative jobs, ample space, and people from all parts of the country to socialize and connect with. It was just what Gaurav wanted. So, upon consulting with his college faculty and class fellows, he decided to volunteer for an NGO called the ‘Akiya Foundation’ in the hopes of meeting like-minded and influential people. But what was about to happen in the coming weeks, changed the course of his journey. The Coronavirus struck and brought a wave of emergency with shortage of food and the unavailability of plenty of essential goods.

In adversity, a HERO is born
During the pandemic, Gaurav, along with some peers from his NGO volunteered to distribute food and other essentials at an old-age home. While it was emotionally challenging to see the elderly face so many difficulties, and once the packages were handed over, it left a lasting impression on Gaurav’s mind. The condition of the elderly in the old-age home was in dire-straits. They were only surviving on rice for food. But on seeing the over-whelming love and adequate supplies with which they were treated, it seemed like all their worries had now ceased. After all, it’s the old people who have been the most susceptible to the COVID-19. They showered every volunteer with an abundance of blessings and smiles.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

It made Gaurav think and reflect and he realized, ‘nothing moves another human being more than empathy’. The joy derived in serving others, in being a part of someone else’s happiness is truly immeasurable. This has moved Gaurav and changed his outlook towards life. He is now beginning to find happiness by bringing relief and reducing distress for those who were affected by the pandemic. He has been so motivated that he has gone about the same routine every day. Bouncing on his scooter en route to arranging and distributing 3000 essential items for daily wage workers, in & around Bengaluru.

Anyone can be a Hero. Especially those who go out of their way to help those around them

The DNA of a HERO 

While the efforts of the NGO in the fight against the COVID-19 are laudable, the real COVID-19 heroes are those who are either on the field fighting it out by delivering the necessities, doctors/nurses volunteering to save lives or people like Gaurav Gowda who are using all means within their reach to arrange and distribute food, among other essentials. As they say about adversity, it is the chance for every man or woman to rise up and help those around them. If our existence can help even one soul breathe easily, it is said that we have lived a successful life. And, what a realization has it been for commoners like Gaurav Gowda. Going out of their way, delivering hope and essentials and staying connected to the cause throughout. Sticking by and looking adversity directly in the face, like a Hero would. 

It makes us beam with pride when we see such endearing and beautiful people ride around the town on a Bounce scooter. It also drives us in our endeavor to help those affected by the COVID-19. If you know any such real-life heroes, introduce them to us so that we can continue to recognize the real heroes fighting against the COVID-19. #BounceIt

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