Connected – Engaged – Indoors. Here’s how our Bounce family is coping with the lockdown

If we could turn back the clock by two months, the world would have a different setting. It would be business as usual in most parts of India. People everywhere, chaos, traffic, crowded bazaars, hustle, and bustle – they all would continue to form this visual that our country is known by, ‘crowded’. But then, flash forward to reality. The Coronavirus poses one of the most complex challenges of the 21st-century. With it arrived a period of uncertainty, both from an individual and a business standpoint. But when we connect the dots, it leads us to a theory. ‘Testing times, unify’! Difficult times bring people together. And, this unforeseen calamity has most certainly made us more connected, more vigilant. With our Bounce family, the story is no different.

A family we chose
After closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19, we knew it was only a matter of time before this pandemic could spread like wildfire. While there is a time to think and act, this was most certainly the time for us to act. Rising to the occasion, our founders and the top management formed a task force that made themselves accessible 24/7 to anyone who was facing distress. They connected with the team virtually on countless occasions and advocated social distancing, do’s & dont’s during the lockdown, staying indoors and most importantly, stepping out only if necessary. Leading from the front, this open culture certainly went a long way in bridging the gap between uncertainty and assurance. The instructions were clear, ‘the more we stick together the stronger we emerge out of it’. Emphasis was also laid on not stepping outside the ‘Lakshman Rekha’, our homes during such times. Staying connected virtually and keeping employees regularly engaged also helped to create an inclusive and positive environment.

Together as one – Our Bounce family staying connected virtually

The Big Picture
When faced with any setback or challenge, every organization takes corrective measures which it thinks would work in the best interest of its customers, stakeholders, and employees. With Corona suddenly hijacking our routine life, there was a challenge up our alley. To figure out a commute solution that would not only be convenient but also safe. Because of the repercussions that public transportation bore. More people means more chances of getting infected by the virus. Keeping this in mind, we launched our ‘Long-Term Rentals’, where commuters can rent a bike for up to a month. With no need to book a bike repeatedly and search for one during an emergency. As our scooters would be available to the user whenever they need it and for as long as they like. But like hygiene, convenience would continue to play a part when a commuter is looking for a ride.

Your safety, our pride.

This is why we decided that every handle, mirror, and seat of every bike should be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. To diffuse any concerns regarding hygiene and make our rides more accessible, we began delivering the bikes straight to people’s doorsteps, so that they wouldn’t have to step out of their house. Convenience at a click, see! 🙂 During this time, we were also keeping tabs on Lockdown’s effect across other cities as well. So, we bounced to Mysuru in an attempt to deliver groceries, essentials and other packages right at people’s doorsteps. Doing our bit in making the essentials accessible for as many people as we could. But this was not all! The COVID-19 situation is a macro problem and not a micro one. Which propelled us to rally for the PM Care’s fund by asking all our users to contribute towards the cause. Throughout the lockdown, we were resolute in our thinking and action, which is why we sent out messages and encouraged our employees too, to be a cog in the wheel of a larger movement.

Bounce to the good times

A Quarantine must

But then what is work without play? While on one hand, we kept spreading awareness and expanding our reach to help all during these testing times, on the other hand, there was a unique idea to connect with everyone who stayed indoors. We created a checklist of ‘things to do during the lockdown’.
From suggesting films to watch during the quarantine to fun ‘work from home’ chores to engaging trivia & puzzles, we wished everyone could Bounce to the good times during the quarantine. The lockdown was also a time when people had plenty of time in their hands. So, to kill monotony and get people engaged, we created a quiz feature on our app, ‘Bounce Play’, a gaming experience where users had to answer fun/trivia questions. A series of fun activities that would get them hooked all day. Let’s just say like everyone else, we too could feel the joy of spending time with our family and in our homes during this time. We brought back the nostalgia, the thread that binds us together, emotions and loved every reaction that users gave us.

Never a dull moment when our family is around

As we get ready for the 2nd phase of the lockdown, let’s hope we can Bounce together and to the good times again by staying engaged and staying connected. #BounceIt

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