The virus that bugged travel! COVID-19

Let’s face it! We’re stepping into week 3 of the lockdown. Social distancing is the ‘new cool’. The world seems to have closed down for renovation, and a grand reopening is due soon. While we’re still indoors, binge-watching our favorite shows, connecting with our loved ones, introspecting and reshuffling our priorities, there’s a thought that crosses our minds.

When the dust settles, how will we go back towards normalcy?

Public transport restrictions

With human to human contact being the primary reason for the spread of the COVID-19, use of public transport globally has plummeted by as much as 90%. People have been avoiding travel and via mass transportation as much as they can.

COVID-19 has hit and hit hard every global city.


Think twice, it’s alright!

The fact of the matter is, like many other deadly viruses, COVID-19 too spreads through human to human transmission. A handshake, a cough, a sneeze – any physical contact can all spell doomsday especially for the elderly and those with weak immunity. And, once transportation and other essential services are restored and transport restrictions are lifted, there is a possibility that people might come roaring on the streets yet again like the wildebeest and gazelles of the Savannah. It’s like an open invitation for the virus to come and find us.

Not only does the lifting of transport restrictions put us in danger but it will also dilute the remarkable progress we have achieved in containing this pandemic by fighting it from home.

How will we get around?

Not only plans but also the mode of travel will be altered with COVID-19’s impact

So, it goes without saying that we’ll be affected in a lot of ways, but none so much than in our choice of commute. Use of public transport is out of question, so what would our commute check-list look like? Hygiene, safety and a thorough quality check of every ride (especially while using public transport) will be at the top of our list. And, it isn’t asking much! Safety should never be given a second thought. Although it might be tempting to let our guard down and make plans on the go, it is while choosing a mode of transportation where we must show maximum self-restraint.

The New Normal

Take Bangalore for instance. Stress-free commute and traffic seldom get along with each other. There are constant traffic-jams and the thickly populated city puts all of us at risk. Workplaces that fall in heavy traffic zones are likely to bear the brunt, especially those in Electronic City, MG Road & Silk Board, etc. Travel plans will also be affected for those who love a quick escape to Nandi Hills and Cubbon Park on the weekend. Bouncing to popular joints in places like Koramangala, Brigade Road, and Indiranagar will also take a dip as they are a huge crowd favorite. Hopping to any place will be a challenge because no matter where we go, we will always be surrounded by people. More people means more congestion and more chances of possible human contact. We must avoid large gatherings and mass transit at all costs and take every caution to ensure our safety and those around commute which exposes us to large groups of people. We must continue to maintain social distancing, wear our masks, sanitize our hands and undertake every hygiene check possible even with intercity travel restrictions in place. Until an advisory is issued to travel freely, we should refrain from being lazy in our choice of mode of commute and avoid mass transit because the power to protect ourselves lies literally in our hands.

We’ve got your back

Our Bounce Heroes leave no stone unturned to make every ride a safe one for you!

At Bounce, ever since the news of the pandemic broke out and the use of public transport has become a thing of the past, we have been maintaining a close eye on all our bikes. We have trained our team on the best health practices they need to implement for all our keyless rides. Every Bounce scooter is thoroughly washed, handles and seats are meticulously sanitized and disinfectants are sprayed so that you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety. We also believe that safety should never be compromised. Although, one of the biggest learnings from this entire pandemic has been, the more we take care of ourselves – the more we can keep each other safe. Thus, by keeping our bikes clean and safe, we’re doing every bit in ensuring that your need for a companion while you travel never goes unnoticed. And, that when you choose a Bounce scooter, safety remains an indispensable part of your ride.

Don’t let transport restrictions during the pandemic stop you from going places. Get back on your feet and bounce back to work!

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