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Manipal, Bounce to Your Favourite Hangout Spots

To the city that never sleeps, we know you love your regular hangout spots, those last-minute plans to the beach with saltwater running through your veins, late nights followed by 4 am hunger pangs, weekend shopping, movie nights with friends, and those long family dinners. For many of us, Manipal isn’t just a city, it’s an emotion that stays alive long after the years have passed. To the city that truly gets you bouncing, so much to do, so little time is no longer the millennial chorus.

Anytime you’re craving a break from routine, take a ride to the beach and immerse yourself in that wisp of salted air, your feet buried in white sand, and your eyes glued to promising horizons; or simply venture out to your favourite hangout spots in the city.

We’ve made a potpourri of the places and experiences we think you’ll love, with Bounce Hubs right around the corner for you to book a ride.

Malpe Beach

When you’re in Manipal, a ride to Malpe Beach is an absolute must; and if you’re a resident, the beach feels like a second home. The white sand shores give you the perspective you need to meet those highs & lows of college life, and it is no wonder that it remains a popular hangout spot.


It isn’t for no reason that the weekends find Vikram’s filled with a young and energetic college crowd. The popular breakfast joint is known for the best cheese omelettes and french toasts in town. 

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Ask anyone from Manipal what the best places are where one can grab a bite in the city, and Dollops in Eshwar Nagar would be the first, if not the second name on their lips. And that is for good reason. From delectable chicken lollipops, wonton soup, butter chicken and the eclectic innovation of cheese naans and brownie chocolates, Dollops has a menu just as attractive as its ambience. 

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One of the most popular restobars in the city, Hideout is almost always filled with a fair mix of students, budding entrepreneurs, IT aspirants, and people both young and old. The food here is as good as the alcohol they serve, and makes for the perfect hangout place be it with family or friends.  

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From Shawarmas to biriyanis, Hotspot is another popular joint in Manipal. Just like the name suggests, it’s a hot spot for college and school students, and sometimes family dinners as well. From biriyanis to tandoori chicken and shawarmas, there’s enough even for those days when your wallet feels lighter than usual. 

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Tiwari Chat

Every evening, Tiwari Chat near Eshwar Nagar is crowded with people lining up for platefuls of delicious Indian chat. Said to be one of the best chat places in the city, find the best of dahi tikkis, dahi puris, samosa chat and a whole lot more at Tiwari Chat.

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Guzzlers Inn 

Guzzler’s Inn, also near Eshwar Nagar, is a quiet, cozy place, and exudes an elegant charm for those special dates. While on the more expensive side, Guzzler’s is perfect if you’re looking to change it up every once in a while. From the finest drinks to delectable food, Guzzler’s is a fantastic place to unwind over a drink and good food. 

Our Hubs in Manipal –

If you, like us, are just as excited to get Bouncing, here are a list of Bounce Hubs spread across the city to get you started.


Akash Auto Works | New Pooja Mobile | Apna Parivar Restaurant | Shetty Lunch House | SVS Tours and Travels | Thumbprint, Sri Ganesh Driving School | Pravi Garments, Drips Bakery and Cafe

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To book a ride, download the app and pick a scooter from your nearest Bounce hub. When you’re done with your ride, you can park your Bounce scooter at any hub close to you.

No place is too far for Manipal, so get Bouncing to all your favourite places this season.


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