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#CommunitySpeak – Meet Ricardo, Our Helmet Knight

We’re not sure you noticed, but your Bounce app has got a spiffy new upgrade! On opening your app and tapping the community icon on the upper right side, you’ll notice we’ve begun to feature stories from our community members across Bengaluru.

While we’ve been doing our bit to provide the best possible ride experience to each of our riders, we’ve unknowingly paved way for a community of users who today treat our scooters as their own. It’s been amazing to witness the number of users who’ve collected our missing helmets from various nooks and corners of Bengaluru. We’ve wondered why they go the extra mile for us without even being asked to. This kind of ownership and responsibility from our riders is what keeps us going!

They say that until something affects you on a personal level, you tend to get complacent. And when it strikes you on a personal level, you do your bit to fix what you can; in our case, by hook, not by crook 😉

Meet Ricardo, our helmet knight. He lives by the motto of challenging himself everyday. His weekends usually begin with Bounce rides to Lalbagh, Bannerghatta National Park or UB City, and ends with a plate of biryani and a hot cup of Irani chai from Paradise.

Here’s Ricardo, our champion community member, a.k.a. our Helmet Knight!

So here’s what happened! On 22nd July, 2019, Ricardo shared a picture with us and we almost bounced off our seats. It was a picture of him with a bunch of 31 Bounce helmets that he had recovered from people who were using it with their private bikes!

When we contacted Ricardo to find out what motivated him to go out of his way, he said it was out of love for the brand that he trusts. Ever since his first Bounce ride in April, 2019, he found it hard to tolerate watching people using Bounce helmets on private two-wheelers. This got him going.

Ricardo firmly believes that it is the responsibility of each Bounce rider to ensure that they do not cause any inconvenience to the next rider. A quintessential Bounce knight!

Today, thanks to our community, we have not just one, but many such riders who take it upon themselves to care for our scooters, and go the extra mile by collecting helmets and returning them to us. Through this simple act, they not only ensure the safety of every rider, but raise awareness on the importance of returning these helmets back to where they belong, i.e. the trunk of Bounce scooters.

To ensure the safety of every rider, kindly place the helmets back in the trunk of your Bounce scooter after your ride and help the next rider Bounce safely.

Together, we can do our bit and #PassSafetyOn to the next rider and the rider after them.

We love stories! Got an interesting Bounce story you’d like to share with us? Write to us, or send in your story via Instagram or Facebook!

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