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Pass a Helmet On, Pass Safety On

Somewhere in Bengaluru, Aanya’s mother walks to the nearest grocery store. She carefully scouts through the aisles of the shop, thinking to herself, “Aanya must be coming home tired, let me make her some of her favourite methi-aloo paranthas.” She finds a basket of potatoes, and right then, to her delight, her kirana wala points at the batch of fresh methi leaves that he bought from the early morning market. Aanya’s mother smiles as this couldn’t have been more perfect.

It’s 7pm and Aanya is just a few minutes away from leaving work. Just like any other day, Aanya takes her phone out of her bag and opens the Bounce app. She has no idea that her mother is cooking up a storm back home, waiting to surprise her. Yet, she’s very excited because she gets to go home after a long day’s work.

A few minutes later, and Aanya is down the road walking to her scooter. She enters the OTP and opens the trunk only to find the helmet missing. Being a sensible girl, she decides that her life is more precious than an adventurous race evading the traffic police. Saddened that she can’t take this ride, she cancels and looks for another one.

It’s now 830 pm, and Aanya is only just walking to her next scooter. She’s now annoyed when she opens the trunk and finds no helmet inside. Frustrated and desperate to get home, she decides to take the ride anyway.

Meanwhile, Shukla Saheb, a cab driver, is just buttoning his shirt. He has to pick his daughter from tuition, drop her back home, and begin his night-duty as a cab driver. He’s booked his ride, and walks down the road toward his Bounce scooter. Sadly, Shukla Saheb, like Aanya, is disappointed when he finds that the scooter doesn’t have a helmet. Being a regular Bounce user, this isn’t the first time he’s booked a ride to find the helmet missing. But being a man who is always on time, today wasn’t going to be an exception. He checks his watch to see if he can book another ride. But, he doesn’t like to keep his daughter waiting, and being a stickler for time, he doesn’t want to get late.

Helmet or no helmet, he takes a moment and decides to take that ride anyway. Being a hustler and knowing all the by-lanes of Bengaluru, he’s certain he can outsmart the traffic police.

Elsewhere, Rahul has just called his wife to tell her that he’s running late. He tells her that he had to cancel his second ride as he couldn’t find a helmet inside. He’s now booking his third ride and hopes to find a helmet inside. While, on call, Rahul can hear his son wailing. He’d been waiting for his papa to come home and take him out for ice-cream for some time now.

You can imagine Rahul’s disappointment hearing this, and now he just wants to get home all the more sooner. He thinks to himself, “if the next scooter doesn’t have a helmet inside, I’m going to take it anyway. ” And just like that, not finding a helmet, Rahul takes that third ride.

It’s now 10:30 pm, and Aanya’s mother has been waiting for a little over 2 hours. Disappointed that the methi-aloo paranthas have turned cold, she has no idea that Aanya is riding home without a helmet.

Meanwhile, the tutor calls Shukla Saheb’s wife. She is surprised to hear that her husband hasn’t arrived at their daughter’s class, and begins to get a little worried.

Rahul, on the other hand, has just got home. It’s 10:40 pm, and his son has gone to bed without his ice-cream date.

Rahul feels terrible and angry. He was caught speeding and for riding without a helmet. No amount of bargaining could have saved him from doling out that avoidable ₹1000 fine for riding without a helmet, and another ₹1500 for dangerous riding.

This is the plight of several Bounce riders. We’ve all been in similar situations where we’ve booked a ride only to find no helmets inside. No matter how many helmets are added to our fleet, there still remains a dearth of helmets.

Ever thought for a moment what could happen if the rider after you takes a ride without a helmet? It’s definitely worth pondering over, isn’t it? The answer is simple. They’re risking their lives by taking that ride anyway.

Thankfully, Aanya’s mother got to see her daughter, and Shukla Saheb was finally able to pick his daughter, dodge a traffic jam, and still report to work, albeit very late. How unfortunate would it have been if anything untoward happened to either of them just because the previous rider didn’t place the helmet back, right?  

For every rider, there is somebody, somewhere waiting for them. By placing the helmet back in the trunk after your ride, you are ensuring their safety and the safety of the rider after them. Riding without a helmet is a punishable offence, with the Centre slapping fines up to ₹10,000 in the new MV Act. Though the Karnataka Govt. has reduced these fine amounts, it doesn’t change the fact that riding without a helmet could lead to accidents which can be avoided with just a little precaution.

Just like you, there’s someone, somewhere waiting for everyone. Don’t let them down. When done with your ride, kindly place the helmet back inside the trunk of the scooter, so that the next rider can reach their destination safely.

Join us in our endeavour to #PassSafetyOn, so that every person waiting for their loved one to return, doesn’t have to keep waiting. A helmet is for the safety of the rider, and together, we can pass safety to the next rider and the rider after them.

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