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Fun in Traffic or Stuck in Traffic – Which One Are You?

We millennials are a funny bunch. Especially the way we’re always running out of time, or perhaps time’s running away from us. Mum asks for groceries, and suddenly that knee pain is back. Dad asks to reinstall Microsoft Office on his laptop, and that’s when the cab can’t wait. You’ve your own things to do at work and that’s when someone comes to you with theirs. Indeed, so much to do and so little time is literally every millennial’s dilemma. 

With daily travel time going up to two hours sometimes, Indians spend more time commuting than any other country in the world. We’re the impatient generation who hates waiting, and yet we’re okay with waiting for endless long minutes on that Silk Board Flyover.

‘I love travelling’, has got to be part of our tinder bios since we spend an awful lot of time doing just that everyday. If there’s a dime for every hour spent in traffic, we’d all be millionaires. Instead, we’re millennials with all the time in the world, and we’re still always out of time. 

But hey, maybe it’s not all bad and there’s still some hope. While we spend so much of our time on daily commute, we’re also the smart generation that knows how to leverage it for the best. Some of us get our much needed work accomplished during that time of the day.

Okay Google, Call Mom

Turn up the radio

Those last minute wardrobe changes – Steppin’ out the car be like

Nobody ever banned thinking and driving

Personal grooming 101: Rid the booger

Personal grooming 101: Clean those food-ridden dentures

Release those long-awaited smelly Fs and Bs from breakfast

The only place you’re ever King of the World, a.k.a. road apun ka baap ka hai

Alexa, play Despacito

Your much-needed junk food fix: ‘Coz nobody’s watchin’

You know how people are always telling us to turn the worst in our life, into the best? Indeed, we millennials are masters of that. 

We’re sure you too have lost your precious time (in the millennial case, gained :P) stuck in traffic jams. What are the funny things you do when stuck in a jam? Follow us at bounceshare, send us your response via an Instagram post or a story, and get featured on our page!

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