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Craving some quiet in the middle of your day?

Open work spaces are confusing places to be in. One moment you’re drawn by the exchange of thoughts and enthusiasm that surrounds you, and the next moment you find yourself trying hard to eliminate the noise for just a few minutes of silence. 

One could say, if you cannot create a quiet work environment, go to one. If you, like many of us, prefer working in quieter and serene environments, we’ve got the perfect list of places where you can unwind and read a book, or just quieten the sounds around you and re-focus.

1. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a sprawling haven with about 300 acres of flora and fauna as its foundation. The park has a few historic monuments and structures that each carry a story in itself. It seamlessly blends rock formations between flowerbeds and monuments, with the rest of the grasslands of the park. If you ever feel like taking a walk, there are bricked pathways for you to take a stroll, while enjoying the scenic view of the park. There’s more than enough for everyone, and plenty of space to recline over lush greens for a good read and some quiet time. 


Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

How to get there: 

Book a Bounce scooter from your location to Cubbon Park. Or, take a Bounce scooter ride till your nearest metro, hop on the train and get off at the Cubbon Park metro station. With a Bounce Zone right outside the Cubbon park metro station, you can book a ride anytime you want, and get home at your own convenience!

2. The City Central Library

This image is for representation only.

We bet you didn’t know that The City Central Library is home to over 3,140,000 books! Housing a copy of literally every book the State has published, the Sir Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library, aka The State City Central Library is a legend in itself. The library is designed with crimson brick walls and is very close to the lush Cubbon Park. Whether to read a book, or work/ study in quietude, the library will give you silence, as well as stories from over a century. The place is stocked with plenty of academic books, giving you access to all kinds of informative and interesting reads. 

It’s a common sight to find many IAS and KAS aspirants, scholars and artists here, with their heads buried in their books or laptops. Immerse yourself in work or a book from the multitude of books here, and we promise, you’ll find the serenity you need for your day. 


Jayanagar 3rd Block, South End Circle, Opposite Vivek Showroom, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

How to get there: 

Book a Bounce scooter from your location to the above location. Or, take a Bounce ride till your nearest metro, hop on the train and get off at the South End Circle metro station. On reaching, book your Bounce ride to the library. With a Bounce Zone outside the South End Circle metro, finding your ride back home is just a click away. 

3. Lalbagh

Lalbagh is a magical botanical spread, covering over 240 acres of land, and is located in the Southern part of Bengaluru. Hyder Ali had first created this garden taking inspiration from Mughal Gardens which were gaining popularity during those times. After he began constructing it, his son Tipu Sultan brought the gardens a rich horticultural wealth by importing several trees and plants from around the world. Today, Lalbagh has four gates, and one could enter from different parts of the city. The property boasts of a lakeview, acres of green grass, a glass house and few monuments, including a Japanese structure. 

With so much green surrounding you, Lalbagh is the best place for you to leave all your worries behind and unwind in silence. To avoid disturbance from crowds of people, we recommend that you go on a weekday, and find yourself a cozy spot among many options available to you.  


Lalbagh Road, Wilson Garden, Near BMTC Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India

How to get there: 

Lalbagh garden is a kilometre away from the Lalbagh metro station. It takes about a minute on a Bounce scooter, and a few minutes of a walk from the garden. Alternatively, you can ride all the way from your location to Lalbagh and enjoy a day quiet day at the botanical gardens.  

4. Sankey Tank

Image used for representation only.

Sankey Tank, though a man-made lake, is a beautiful spot to grab some quiet in the middle of your daily hustle. The tank was made in 1882, and was initially a reservoir intended to provide water supply to neighboring areas. Later on, in early 2000, the tank was developed into a park. Today, you’ll find many joggers and walkers, both young and old, walking around the park, or sitting by the lake view, enjoying solitude. With benches provided on the side, the view is beautiful and perfect to relax with good music and a book.

Craving a quiet break from your busy day? You’ll find it here. 


Kodandarampura, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080

How to get there: 

Sankey Tank is in Gayathri Nagar, near West Malleshwaram. The nearest metro is Mantri Square Sampige Road, and is at a walking distance from Sankey Tank. Book a Bounce from your location to Sankey Tank, or ride till your nearest metro, and hop on the train toward Sankey Tank. With Bounce Zones right around the corner, your ride back is no biggie. 

The city is filled with places for you to grab some much needed quiet-time. Wherever you wish to go, a Bounce scooter is always at your beck and call.

What are the places you go to for some quiet time? Send in your suggestions by commenting on this post, or via social media, and we’ll make sure to feature your post! 

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