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Ridesharing: The Way Ahead

When we say ridesharing, we mean a more revolutionary kind of ridesharing, one that has the potential to transform the way India commutes. Our idea of one scooter, many rides is a proposition to relieve the increasing congestion on Bengaluru’s bottlenecked roads. Due to rising health concerns, environmental pollution and the deafening sounds of incessant honks, we think that renting a scooter, as opposed to owning a car or a bike is a smarter way to get going in a city like Bengaluru.

When the Lambro three wheeled scooters and vespas were launched in the Indian market, it was a thing of ambition. Not everybody could afford it, and the ones that couldn’t, aspired for it. For us nineties kids, it was a common sight to see the these scooters take to the streets with extended sidecars soon becoming the mode of transport for entire families; with 3, sometimes 4 people huddled into one scooter. 

A family of four huddled into a scooter en-route Ganesh Visarjan

This is one of our earliest memories of scooter ridesharing in India. Back then, one could not even imagine renting a scooter for journeys as short as 1km, let alone have the imagination of it being an app-based service that lets you pick it from anywhere and drop it anywhere. Today, seeing a Bounce keyless scooter with OTP based access takes people by surprise, and you’ll often find people flocking around our scooters in sheer curiosity. 

We couldn’t have imagined the possibility of one scooter bring shared by many, and that too at such an affordable price. Now, with fuel cost at Rs. 74.34, one would rather fill a scooter tank with a capacity of about 5 litres and have easier maneuverability, than fill a car with a capacity of over 45-65 litres (SUVs have a considerably larger capacity), burn more fuel, and have a hard time finding a parking space. 

Our scooters parked at the Bounce Zone at Baiyappanahalli Metro Station

We love things that come easy, especially an easy and seamless daily commute experience. On an average, the daily commuter spends anywhere between 2-3 hours daily on commute. So, it’s a win-win situation when you can get to places on time, and have surplus time to do the things you love. Your daily commute shouldn’t have to be the fulcrum you plan your day around.

Millennials like us, are sold on the idea of renting scooters, and not just because it’s time-saving, but also because they’re easily accessible, affordable and convenient.

In fact, if there’s one thing that connects us Indians together, it is that we will stop at nothing for the sake of a decent bargain. We’re much like Phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., attempting to strike a bargain with the jewellery store vendor, to no avail. 

Well, here’s more than just a decent bargain – at least for your commute woes! With Bounce scooters, you can book a ride from anywhere via the app, and drop off your scooter at the nearest legal parking space. Not just that, you can pause a ride to run quick errands and resume your ride when you’re done. With helmets provided in the trunk of each scooter, and all rides insured, one can truly enjoy a hassle-free commute.

So be it a run to the store, or riding to work and back, with Bounce scooter rentals, thousands of commuters are enjoying easy and seamless commute every day! Convenience? Check. Affordability? Double-check. Accessibility? Check, check check! 

Having hit over 75,000 daily, we’ve already seen it working. We truly believe that ridesharing is the way ahead for a country with the second highest population in the world. If there’s any way to save costs, and have a service at your beck and call, it is Bounce Scooter Rentals. We’re heavily invested in the idea of scooters shared by a community as a means to reduce the load on Bengaluru’s already bottlenecked roads. 

Sold on the idea that one scooter can cater to multiple riders in a single day, Bengaluru’s millennials are already a step closer to solving India’s mobility crisis.  

Are you Bouncing yet?  

Commute easy with Bounce Scooter Rentals

Bounce is a dockless two-wheeler ride-sharing solution, on a mission to make daily commute reliable, affordable and convenient in India. It allows users to pick up scooters from anywhere and drop it off anywhere. For easy daily commute, book a Bounce scooter at just Rs. 5/km + Rs. 0.5/min, and ride anywhere.


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Bounce is India’s first two-wheeler rental service, on a mission to make daily commute affordable, accessible and convenient to commuters from all walks of life.

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