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Bengaluru’s Millennials are Changing the Way the City Commutes

It’s 7:30 am in Bengaluru on a Tuesday morning, and you need to get from Electronic City to Silk Board to attend a 9 am meeting. But it’s cool, you think it’s doable. You think you have time, and that the Electronic City flyover is a magic bridge. So you decide to go for that second mug of coffee, and another slice of that cheese toast.

However, your estimation turns out very different from reality. Fast forward, and it’s now 9:50 am. You’ve just reached and you’re fifty minutes late to that meeting, thanks to the never-ending traffic jam on the flyover.

Sadly, this is the plight of thousands of everyday commuters in the city.

As economies have evolved, there’s been a rise in innovation and technology, and yet our commute systems have remained stagnant. Studies show that our generation of millennials do not have the same affinity toward cars as they once used to. Reasons being, the ease and convenience that micro commute solutions render, coupled with the fact that we’re almost always broke.

How long you spend in a traffic jam in Bengaluru can vary anywhere between ten to forty five minutes per day. A study recently revealed that the average Bengalurean spends about 7% of her life stuck in traffic. This isn’t a surprising figure in a city like ours. Commute-time in Bengaluru has increased over the last few years even with the rise in the number of privately-owned vehicles. For thousands of millennials, traffic is more than just an inconvenience, so much so that we’d prefer staying indoors than spend our time inside a cab in the thick of traffic trying to get somewhere.

While much of Bengaluru still depends on cars to get to work, there’s a growing number of millennials who’ve downloaded the Bounce app and prefer renting a scooter over owning one. Our scooters have a smart keyless technology which allows you the flexibility of picking a scooter from any location, and dropping it off at any location for the next rider to book a ride.

Last week, we spoke to Israel, 26 year old Mumbaikar who moved to Bangalore a little over a year ago. Israel is a co-founder at, and also someone who rides a Bounce to work every day. Being someone who commutes daily, and having tried BMTC buses, cab services and other mobility providers, Israel says there’s a reason he chooses to rent a scooter over any other commute in a city like Bengaluru.

“For a person like me, what matters most is time and money. It costs me twice the amount and time to get to my workplace by any other means of commute. On a Bounce scooter, I travel the same distance in a much lesser time, and I’ve never had to pay more than 20 rupees. My commute isn’t dependent on my driver’s mood, or a shared-cab, or long waiting times. I love that I travel on my own terms and don’t have to depend on anybody to get to where I need to be ” says the young entrepreneur.

Israel is just one among the thousands of millennials in Bengaluru who prefer using the two wheeler rental solution to combat surge pricing and the city’s road-congestion levels.

In Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India, there’s no dearth of smart solutions for a smart generation such as ours. With Bounce, everyday commute is no longer a wearisome ordeal for the city’s youth; a vast majority of millennials have today resorted to smarter, faster, and more affordable commute.

Commute easy with Bounce Scooter Rentals

Bounce is a dockless two-wheeler ride-sharing solution, on a mission to make daily commute reliable, affordable and convenient in India. It allows users to pick up scooters from anywhere and drop it off anywhere. For easy daily commute, book a Bounce scooter at just Rs. 5/km + Rs. 0.5/min, and ride anywhere.

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Bounce is India’s first two-wheeler rental service, on a mission to make daily commute affordable, accessible and convenient to commuters from all walks of life.

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