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Rent a Scooter @ Rs. 5/km + 0.5/min

Two-wheelers have become the most viable option when it comes to every day commute, as it’s hardly easy to move around in India’s traffic-ridden roads.

Lately, vibrant looking yellow bikes have taken over the streets of Bangalore. While many Bangaloreans have taken a curious note, many have gone a step further in downloading the Bounce app, and are enjoying the benefits of easy daily commute.

There’s been a rise in the number of commuters renting Bounce scooters to hop, skip, and ride around town. Be it the regular college-goer, the gym enthusiast, or the 56 year old who confesses that Bounce is his go-to saviour.

Booking a Bounce ride is pretty simple.

Click here to download the Bounce App. On logging in, you’ll find scooters parked at a walkable distance from you. Walk to your nearest scooter, enter your OTP, wear the helmet provided in the trunk and simply ride on.

The convenience factor: Ride anywhere to anywhere @ just ₹5/km + ₹0.5/min

There is no other commute solution in the country that lets you book a scooter from anywhere, and drop it off anywhere. Want to pause for a quick store-run? Just hit the pause button. Rid yourself of those long hours spent in traffic, and say goodbye to last minute helmet-scouting. Bounce rides come with a helmet inside the trunk, and every ride is insured.

The privacy factor: Not in the mood to socialize, or just prefer going solo?

One of the best things about a Bounce scooter is that you get to be your own hero. Ride solo or pick a friend, ride to work or pick your kids from school; whatever your day is, find your commute buddy in our friendly fleet of scooters.

The economical factor: With rides starting as low as ₹5 per km + ₹0.5 per minute, there’s no other service that lets you travel cheap, saves you time, and saves your day all at the same time. Not only that, you can ride cashless with easy payment options made  available on the app. What more does the everyday Bangalorean need?

The overall better factor: Scooters leave a lesser footprint on greenhouse gas build-up and is less intensive when compared to cars. It makes more sense to have the littler vehicles take on the already bottlenecked roads of Bangalore. The concept of one scooter, many rides, encourages us all to adopt smarter and more sustainable commute in the form of shared-mobility.  Help the planet by adding less to greenhouse gas build-up.

Download the Bounce app here and join our referral programme: Get 100 on every referral made!

By choosing to commute via scooter share, you not only decrease your dependency on third parties, you save your time, and still get to do your own thing; all this while leaving a lesser carbon footprint on the environment.

It’s a package we all love 🙂

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Bounce is India’s first two-wheeler rental service, on a mission to make daily commute affordable, accessible and convenient to commuters from all walks of life.

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